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PitchStone Announces Coding and Compliance Blog

November 29th, 2013 by PitchStone Health Staff

Pitchstone Health, a provider of simplified online medical coding software, often receives inquiries from those who find it difficult to stay current with the constant stream of shifting coding and compliance data. One way the company is trying to help is by providing blog entries and monthly newsletters, addressing these difficulties: The frequency at which respective data changes (for example – ICD-9 codes may only change once year, where as Local Coverage Determinations often change weekly), the current lack of a singular reliable location where one can find current information regarding certain changes, the current inefficiency in finding and understanding data/information in a timely manner, and the difficulty in interpreting the importance or value of certain changes.

The company’s blog and monthly newsletter for members will seek to do all the leg work for those who are tired of traversing the internet in search of various data and information. It will act as the singular location for coders, educators, auditors, and providers to find out what is changing and what those changes mean.

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